Call for Volunteers

September 17, 2015

Map Mania 2015 and Spring SWIG Conference 2016


GIS Day / Map Mania 2016


The City of Boise Watershed Center ( has again invited us, the GIS community, to host Map Mania. This will be the third annual Map Mania event, held on Saturday, November 21st, from 10am to 1pm. This event includes GIS/geography activities, presentations, and outreach to the general public (particularly children and youth). The primary audience will be children 5-12, but we can expect to also get a mix of adults and smaller children as well.


This year’s highlight: a Virtual Sandbox(check out these videos)


Date: November 21st 2015

Time: 10am to 1pm

Location: Boise Watershed Center, 11818 West Joplin Road Boise, ID 83714


If you want to participate, please contact Karla Baker by September 29th.



The last two Map Mania events have been a huge success. That success rests in the hands of volunteers in our GIS community. I hope you will join us in celebrating our passion – GIS!

This year’s theme: Hawaiian!


Spring/Winter 2016 SWIG

The Steering Committee is working to get ArcGIS Pro training available in Spring. We will need someone willing to take the lead and be a planning chair if a traditional SWIG conference is desired as well. If you are interested in being the planning chair for a SWIG in early 2016 contact Eric Wing (, 208.972.8013). While it is a fair amount of work it is a great way to earn GISP points and contribute to the GIS community.