Feb 2017 Meeting

January 23, 2017

Feb 24th, 11:30-4:00

Location: Boise City Hall, 150 N Capitol Blvd, Greenbelt Room (3rd Floor)

Tentative topics:

  • SWIG organizations round-robins
  • Horrocks Engineers presentation – Python Tools
  • City of Meridian Presentation - SQL Spatial Your Backend GIS
  • Tom Toronto GIS – NOVOTX an asset management software for smaller municipalities/agencies (tentative)
  • ESRI - presentation on Esri’s web platform (Portal, Server, AGOL, etc...)


Training (No Cost): Feb 24th, 8:00 - 11:00

Location: Boise City Hall, 150 N Capitol Blvd, Greenbelt Room (2nd Floor)

Python for the Non-Programmer: A Basic Introduction to Python for ArcGIS - Gateway Mapping, Inc. / J-U-B Engineers, Inc.

Abstract:In this training we’ll be starting with the basic concepts of Python and will gradually work our way towards the first steps to building useful scripts within the context of the Esri ArcPy Python Module. Come prepared and excited to get on a path towards automating and simplifying your GIS workflows with Python!
Prerequisite: If you bring your own laptop,
PyScripter - https://sourceforge.net/projects/pyscripter/
The training center can only accommodate 10 desk-top computer stations and additional 3 spaces for people with laptops.
Special Note: Due to the limited seating for this one-day only training, participants will be decided on a first come first served basis through Survey Monkey below.