June 2015 Meeting

March 13, 2015



Southwest Idaho GIS User Group Meeting

Theme: Public Safety and GIS

Friday, June 5, 2015 - Boise City Hall West - 333 N. Mark Stall Place, Boise, ID

Agenda at a Glance:

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Welcome – Eric Wing (SWIG Chair)


Ada Emergency Communications and GIS – Ben Ealey (Ada County Dispatch)


Situational Awareness using Geocortex and ArcGIS – James Van Dyk (Latitude Geographics)




GeoShield – Nic Poorte (CyberTech)


Lunch - Provided by Goodwood BBQ


Crime Data Warehousing and Mapping – Janson Lytle and Rachel Holford (City of Boise)




SWIG - Survey Review and Events - Eric Wing (SWIG Chair)


GIS’ Role in Boise’s All Hazards Incident Management Team– Michael Ellis (City of Boise)


Wrap Up

For more information contact Eric Wing at ewing@cityofboise.org, 208.972.8013

Presentation Details:

  • Ada Emergency Communications and GIS
    • Ada County is currently making significant upgrades to several public safety systems including the dispatch system field based reporting and records management. GIS data will be key component of these systems.
    • Presenter: Ben Ealey – Director of Emergency Communications, Ada County
  •  Situational Awareness using Geocortex and ArcGIS
    • Geocortex is used by Esri clients around the world to build powerful ArcGIS web mapping applications. This presentation will provide a peek at new Geocortex tools designed for mobile applications needed by Incident Commanders, field responders, and other non-GIS staff. These tools enable collaboration and situational awareness, with quick access to social media and other relevant data sources at an incident location.
    • Website: www.geocortex.com
    • Presenter: James Van Dyk
      • Since 2008 James van Dyk has been the Pacific Northwest Account Manager for Latitude Geographics. Founded in 1999, Latitude Geographics is an Esri Platinum Partner with 1,000 clients around the world that use Geocortex software to quickly deploy feature-rich, off-the-shelf mapping applications using ArcGIS.
  • GeoShield
    • GeoShield is the pre-eminent Public Safety platform for leveraging spatial technologies in real time crime analysis and intelligence led policing. GeoShield provides easy to access data driven crime analytics, simplified operational workflows and advanced search software. All GeoShield products are designed to remove barriers and empower public safety staff at all levels. GeoShield is built on proven Esri® ArcGIS mapping software and leverages agency investments in Microsoft technologies. CyberTech works in close conjunction with law enforcement agencies, Esri® and Microsoft in defining and building GeoShield to meet the needs of Law Enforcement Organizations.
    • Website: www.geoshield.us.
    • Presenter: Nic Poorte – Industry Manager, GIS/Public Safety, CyberTech
  • Crime Data Warehousing and Mapping
    • The City of Boise has been using ‘Big Data’ methodologies as a means to Extract, Transform, and Load various crime data from siloed systems into a format that better serves crime analysis, GIS, and use across the city.
    • Presenters:
      • Janson Lytle – IT Application Services Manager, City of Boise
      • Rachel Holford – Crime Data Analyst, City of Boise
  • GIS’ Role in Boise’s All Hazards Incident Management Team
    • Learn the role of an incident management team in the community and how GIS supports the efforts of the incident management team.
    • Presenter: Micahel Ellis – Fire Technical Analyst, Boise Fire Department
      • Michael Ellis is a two year member of the Boise Fire department as their Technical Analyst. In addition to his GIS responsibilities for Fire and the AHIMT, he manages the Records Management System, Scheduling Software and any number of other technology programs and projects for the department. Originally from Southern California, Michael is a graduate of the College of Idaho (’08) and received his Masters from Boise State University (’12).